The Wedding Services consist of three different categories.  These include the Ceremony, Reception, or Custom Packages. 

The Ceremony
This package includes the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony.   Duet rates begin at $175 for the prelude and ceremony music. Prices vary depending on special requests, location, and length of the wedding.  Prelude and postlude as well as per song arrangements are available upon request.
The Cocktail Hour or Reception
This package includes the cocktail hour or reception and any special music played during this time.  Prices are based on an hourly rate and location of the event.   If used in addition to ceremony music, rates begin at $125. Stand alone pricing starts at $145 with a 20% reduction for additional hours.  
This package is a personalized option that does not include the above venues.  Prices vary depending on location, special music, and duration of services requested.  Per song arrangements are available upon request.  If no special accommodations are desired, fees will be based on an hourly rate similar to that of the Business Package